Have you noticed how your headaches and migraines are often related to your neck pain?

 If you have, I can explain the neurological connection between the two. I'm working on another page to put all the details in with animations. It usually takes me less than a minute to identify tight spots in your neck that when pressed usually increase your head pain. It's these spots that need to be relaxed and the lasers do just that. You can usually feel the muscle knots relax as the laser restores normal function in the muscle. It's truly remarkable and in my opinion will change the standard of care for headaches and migraines in the future.

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What are muscle knots? Why do they form? How do you get rid of them?

Lasers get rid of the muscle knots by treating your muscles chemically instead of physically trying to loosen them. I've never seen anything like it in all my 26 years as a chiropractor. I have a separate page detailing how lasers work. But this video explains what muscle knots are. I'm 99.9% confident you've never heard anything like this before. 

Lasers need to be in every household so people could take care of their aches and pains with their laser instead of turning towards pain medications. 

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Most doctors are difficult to contact. But I would like to talk to you about your healthcare. If you want to schedule your first appointment on our first conversation then you can. But at a minimum you'll walk away with some extra knowledge. So please call me at the number at the top of the website. It's ok to call even after normal office hours or on the weekends because the office phone transfers to my cellphone.

Laser Therapy is often THE BEST OPTION for treating pain.

Yet here in America, no one has ever heard of it.

How Does Laser Therapy Work

Laser therapy is a safe, effective and pain-free treatment that targets the fundamental cause of tight and painful muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Think of it like Rigor Mortis. Rigor means stiffness and mortis means death. When a person dies everything tightens up so much that the person is stuck in the position that they died in. Now of course you’re alive, but the reason for the rigor(stiffness) in a dead person and in a living person is a lack of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) energy production in your muscle cells. Rigor in a dead person is due to lack of circulating blood. Rigor in your muscles is due to a problem in your cells which lasers correct.

Without getting into chemistry, the lasers re-invigorate your muscle cells to make more ATP energy. After the treatment is over you continue to make more ATP energy even after the lasers are removed. It’s this increased production of ATP energy that loosens your muscles.

Lasers don’t directly loosen up your muscles, but rather indirectly. In fact, people often notice they’re even more loose the day after their treatment or even the day after that, all because they’ve had time to make more ATP energy. The point is lasers work chemically, not by heat.

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Pain relievers relieve pain by changing body chemistry...

But the results are often short lived so you have to keep taking the medication every 4 to 12 hours. Plus there are often gastrointestinal side effects like ulcers and liver problems.

Aberle Chiropractic

Lasers relieve pain by changing body chemistry as well...

But lasers correct energy production problems in your muscle, tendon and ligament cells even after the treatment is over. Results are much better and longer lasting in many cases. Often 10 minutes produces a 'wow' out of people. Plus no side effects...None!!!

Lasers May Help With

Plantar Fasciitis

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Blade and Rib Pain

Wrist and Hand Pain

Knee Pain

Upper Back/Shoulder Pain

Laser therapy can be used to treat pain anywhere in the body.

Even veterinarians use lasers to treat pain in cats, dogs and horses.

Call me about your specific area of complaint or activity you cannot perform and we can talk further.

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First Visit Fees

A first time patient pays $150 which includes taking your history, examination, and same day treatment with either laser or adjusting.

Future Treatment Fees

Laser treatments are $40 for the first ten minutes and $30 for each additional ten minutes each visit. For example a half hour of lasering is $100. Chiropractic adjustments are $50 each visit.

We do not take insurance for payment due to the high cost of processing it and that laser therapy is not covered by insurance that I am aware of.

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, check or credit card.

How To Get Started


Frequently Asked Questions

1How are treatments administered?
A handheld wand is positioned directly on, or slightly above the skin over the affected area, where it delivers a gentle therapeutic beam about the size of a quarter.
2How many treatments will I need?
If you only have one area to treat, it could typically take one to five treatments. If you have say four areas to treat, it will take more visits. It’s based on how large an area there is to treat and how deep the problem is. Plus some people respond faster than others. But in your first visit you will know that you have found something special.
3Does the treatment hurt?
Absolutely not! Most patients experience a warm, often soothing sensation during treatment.
4How soon can I resume my normal activities?
The moment you leave the clinic, you may resume your normal daily activities.
5How fast should I notice a change?
Most people notice a change within ten minutes at their first treatment. It’s truly remarkable and people are often very surprised at the results.

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What About Chiropractic?

I do an amazing technique called Advanced BioStructural Correction
which you can learn about in the videos below.

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    Commonly asked questions before you call me:

    If I don't live near Madison Wisconsin USA, where can I find laser therapists?
    I use the Aspen Apex Laser. Aspen is the company and Apex is the model. You can find providers here: Aspen Laser Company
    How will Dr. Aberle know if laser could help your problem?
    Lasers can treat almost every problem caused by tight muscles, ligaments, tendons or fascia. It really is that amazing. But a laser practitioner whether that's a chiropractor or physical therapist or whoever needs to know fascial anatomy and how to feel the problems in YOUR tissues. You can just point the laser onto the painful areas and get results, but often there are other areas that are contributing to your painful area that need to be treated also. If the practitioner cannot identify those areas the results are lessened.
    Can I talk to you about my problem?
    Yes. Even if you don't live near my office I can take a few minutes to talk to you about your problem and let you know if laser therapy will help you.
    Can I come to see you if I live far away?
    Sure you can. If you are going to do that please call me first of course and plan to stay nearby for a few days to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. I can explain more when you call.

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