Success Stories

Back Pain, IBS and Pooping

I am a hairdresser in my early 30’s and physically a hot mess. I had chronic back and hip pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with chronic constipation. I tilted severely to the left and forward, etc. You get the picture. I had visited dozens of doctors and chiropractors with little relief, let alone progress. A great friend recommended Dr. Aberle and I figured I would give it a shot. He has literally changed my life. I have seen nothing but Positive results. My ribs, which were previously uneven are now perfect. Not to be crass, but after my first appointment I pooped four times. Normally I go once a week. My pain has steadily decreased despite only being able to come half as often as recommended. And the best part? I never leave the office in pain. Instead of dreading my office visits, I look forward to them for days. I have never had that before. I walk with my head literally held higher thanks for Dr. Aberle. I cannot thank or recommend him enough. If you want your quality of life to improve, come here. You won’t be disappointed.

Deja R. — WI

Posture and Health

I have been seeing Dr. Aberle for two or three years now. My posture has improved to the point where I stand up straight without even thinking about it (after years of constantly being conscious of and trying to maintain good posture). The improvement started almost immediately. My breathing has improved and I am becoming more flexible as well. I did watch some videos online and read some articles for improving your golf posture, and I must say they helped the process too. He said they would benefit the process along with what he had to offer! As well as this, the supplements he has recommended have also positively affected my overall health, from better digestion to improved sleep to a calmer state of mind. He takes time with treatments as well as time to answer questions. He truly cares about his patients’ wellbeing. I recommend him highly without reservation.

Judith B. — Madison, WI

Low Back Pain

Dr. Aberle’s practice has had profound effects on my quality of life. He is a knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor using the ABC method. I’m an active 44 year old male professional. I went in with acute and intense lower back pain expecting traditional chiropractic care and instead I got exceptional care! I’ve learned a lot about how my body works. I marvel at the simplicity and effectiveness of the treatments. The appointments are short. The results are amazing and not restricted to just relieving back pain (I am free of the back pain). I have an example to tell you about. I went in for my appointment feeling so tired I could have fallen asleep in the waiting room chair. After one of the adjustments, I was crystal clear and wide awake! I was so surprised by this! I would never have believed it if someone had told me. Dr. Aberle explained how the adjustment provided this result. I’m very pleased with the results I’m getting and highly recommend Aberle Chiropractic!

Michael F. — Madison, WI

Shoulder and Back Pain

56 years ago I had a childhood accident and have been going to chiropractors off and on ever since. I have had some very good chiropractors and some who were so so. Never have I experienced this ABC method that Dr. Aberle uses. I originally went to see Dr. Aberle for some muscle work I needed on my shoulder. It had been bothering me for years. I got the muscle work that day but I was also educated on the abc method. My shoulder problem went away. I go every week for a treatment and my whole back has never felt better. My posture has gradually improved. I just know that for two years now I have a lot less back pain and I credit Dr. Aberle and this ABC method for that. I would highly recommend you go see him.

Kay V. — Madison, WI

Foot Pain, Posture, Dancing

We first came to Dr. Aberle for his innovative use of the unwinding procedure, and the results have been incredible with my daughter, who is a dancer. Where once she had chronic foot problems, now her feet no longer hurt, and her posture has significantly improved. Dr. Aberle is a gifted chiropractor and truly cares about his patients, but beyond that, he is a relentless problem solver. He’s always in pursuit of answers to the toughest questions, and he won’t settle until he discovers what’s at the root of the problem. I don’t write reviews unless you’ve earned it. Dr. Aberle surely has. Plus he laughs at my stupid jokes, which definitely scores him major points!

Greg M. — McFarland, WI

Chronic Lower Back Pain

mollySmallI have been an avid runner since high school. I never enjoyed sports and have never been very athletic, but I love to run. After injuring my lower back so severely that I could not even hardly move for days at a time (much less sleep or go to work), I began to visit multiple chiropractors, all which relieved the pain…Temporarily. It always came back and I was never quite sure what would trigger it. I lived with this pain for approximately 8-9 months. One of the chiropractors that I visited even went as far as saying that I should probably stop running. Then I heard about Aberle Chiropractic from family. After my first visit, Dr. Aberle had me feeling so good that I went out to my car and cried. Not because I was in pain, but for the first time in months, I left a chiropractor not feeling beat up or having to use ice. My pain began to cease, and I do not exaggerate when I say it began to cease immediately. Almost 6 months later I am 100% pain free and have had zero problems with my back. And the best part? I run everyday. As someone that has been in chronic pain and now lives (and runs) completely pain free, I can not MORE strongly recommend Aberle Chiropractic to anyone and everyone.

Molly B. — Madison, WI

Triathlete, Achilles Problems

willsmith2As a professional triathlete, in order to get to the start line, I have to be both fit and injury free. Dr. Aberle helps me with the latter. Two summers ago, I missed almost an entire summer of racing because of an Achilles injury and Dr. Aberle’s Graston treatments worked better than anything else I tried. Now I go back for any unusual tightness, soreness and for just general maintenance. Instead of getting 3-4 one hour massage treatments, I get one 15 minute Graston treatment, not because it’s less expensive, nor because it takes less time – I see Dr. Aberle because it works.

Will S. — New Zealand Triathlon Team

Fibromyalgia Pain, Headaches and Muscle Pain

PamelaLHi, my name is Pam and I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I had tried everything under the sun over the last 5-6 years for head to toe pain and migraines sometimes that lasted for two days. My husband heard of Dr. Aberle’s clinic on the radio. I had no concentration, was taking 4-5 different medications that only helped very slightly.

My first treatment was amazing…No Body Pain!

Wow it wasn’t all in my head. I could get in and out of my car without feeling 105 years old. My migraines almost immediately diminished. Still had slight headaches, but nothing close to what they were.

I had treatments every two weeks from June until August. I can breathe better and move better. It’s just been amazing. I have three grandchildren that can’t outrun me anymore.

I have recommended Dr. Aberle to a lot of my co-workers. One named Scott came with me several times and has also had amazing results. I can’t thank Dr. Aberle enough and he also is a very nice man. He explains what and why he does different adjustments. He treats me like a human being, not a number.

Thank You, Thank You

Calf Strain, Shoulder Pain, Inflexible Hips

I have competed in triathlons for over twenty years, including five Ironman events. Recently I experienced my first injury that limited training beyond one week. Utilizing the Graston Technique, Dr. Aberle not only addressed my injury (calf muscle strain) but took care of two other triathlon related issues (sore shoulder and lack of hip flexibility). I’ll be honest, the application of the Graston Technique was somewhat uncomfortable, but the results were worth it. Not only am I back to running, but with the increased flexibility in my hips I now have a more fluid stride.

Tom J. — Fitchburg, WI

Fibromyalgia, Sleeping Problems and Sciatica

CeciliaGI am so happy with the treat­ment so far, I can hardly believe it. I came to Dr. Aberle on a whim, not really believ­ing there was much left out there for me in chi­ro­prac­tic that I hadn’t tried. How­ever, things changed so quickly, and in such a pos­i­tive man­ner, that I have new found hope for the day where pain isn’t my daily experience.

I have Fibromyal­gia and arthri­tis along with other med­ical prob­lems. Sleep was almost impos­si­ble, but it never occurred to me that chi­ro­prac­tic was the answer-or rather Dr. Aberle was the answer! My pain is improv­ing, both nerve and joint pain. Sci­atic pain that made dri­ving and sit­ting a night­mare have reduced sig­nif­i­cantly! I can’t wait to see what the future brings. Thank you Dr. Aberle!

Cecilia G. — Mazomanie, WI


It brings me great pleasure writing this letter on behalf of Jeffrey Aberle, D.C. As a competitive runner with aspirations of participating in the US Olympic Marathon Trials, I will on occasion have various ailments warranting of Dr. Aberle’s services. I have been so impressed with his results I find myself traveling from my home in Appleton to Fitchburg. Furthermore, as a Physicians Assistant, I understand the dynamics of the healthcare community and it is with utmost confidence that I recommend Dr. Aberle’s practice. Both he and his staff treat you with respect and provide an exceptional quality of care. Many thanks,

Mark E. — Appleton, WI

Great Changes

Over the past several years, Dr. Aberle has treated my husband, two teenage kids and myself and has done a really great job in improving our musculoskeletal problems through the use of the ART and now the ABC process. He has also made a positive impact for me and my son through the use of digestive supplements. For the past few years, I have had adverse reactions to certain food sensitivities. Through the use of digestive supplements, my symptoms have virtually disappeared. My son has had back pain that has subsided after only a few weeks on kidney supplements. I always enjoy going to Aberle Chiropractic as they are always friendly and positive about the outcome of my treatments.

Thank You

I recommend Dr. Aberle for many reasons. His knowledge of multiple techniques, along with a true caring for my well being were felt right away. The enzyme therapy that he recommended was also such a blessing and helped me overcome multiple obstacles that were affecting my life, including sleep problems and anxiety. To Dr. Aberle my sincere thank you.

Never Pushy – Always Supportive

Three cheers for Aberle! I’ve always had poor posture, which affects my energy, my breathing, and feeling of general well-being. I’ve greatly improved in all areas, thanks to his help. He’s also introduced me to digestive supplements that have helped me deal with anxiety and other issues. Never pushy and always supportive, Dr. Aberle is a great addition to anyone’s health regimen.


After suffering from two years of chronic headaches and seeing dozens of doctors, I had given up on any hope of relief. Dr. Aberle’s headache seminar presented an entirely new treatment plan that has proven effective very quickly.

Claire H. — Madison, WI

Wrist Pain

I would like to thank you for enabling me to pick up my twin granddaughters once again! Your diligent treatment to my hand and wrist now allows me to lift the girls without pain. What a special treat that is for me!

As you know, when I retired last year I was looking forward to spending more time working around the house, gardening and most importantly helping with my granddaughters. In my anxious approach to do everything at once, I somehow injured my wrist. The x-rays showed no broken bones, but with my sore wrist I was unable to pick up even a small bag of groceries. My greatest distress was not being able to pick up the girls when they would run to meet me at the door when I would arrive at their house. As you also know, I struggled for months thinking this was just an “old age” problem I would have to deal with forever.

I am so grateful to be whole again! My wrist works so well I forget that I suffered needlessly for so many months before I began coming in for treatment. I am impressed and very appreciative!

Helen K. — Madison, WI

Neck Pain, Arch Pain, Improved Posture

staceyFMy husband referred me to Dr. Aberle for my poor posture. After my first visit I was quite happy with the results. My chest and back felt so much more open. I could stand up straighter and my neck pain also went away. I noticed that my arches in my feet no longer hurt anymore after running. My knee’s are also painful. Overall I feel great and look forward to my adjustments. My previous chiropractor was good but I never felt that the adjustments would last. Now I feel that my body is really responding well to Dr. Aberle’s chiropractic methods.

Stacy V. — Mount Horeb, WI

Neck & Back Pain

I have been going to a chiropractor for over 28 years. During that time I have been treated with various chiropractic methods. I have never had the results that I get from ABC. I feel like my adjustments are deeper and last longer than with any other method. I have been living with neck and back pain for a very long time, but until just recently when I started getting the ABC method have I actually felt relief. It’s great to know that I don’t have to live with neck and back pain for the rest of my life.

Amy S. — Madison, WI

Back & Neck Pain, Posture Improvement, Bunions

deeHThis has been the most effective chiropractic treatment that I have ever experienced. Past chiropractic treatments would only temporarily relieve the back or neck pain that I felt. The difference with this treatment is that I have experienced continual and significant improvement of my posture. Along with that improvement my chronic neck pain has disappeared and my whole back is looser and straighter.

I have also had a lot of problems with my feet including a bunion. As my posture has improved so have my feet. My bunion pain is subsiding and I’ve started wearing shoes again that I hadn’t been able to wear for a long time.

Dee H. — Stoughton, WI

Neck Pain & Improved Posture

I have found the ABC technique to be very beneficial. It has brought about dramatic changes for me. I have virtually no neck pain now and my posture has greatly improved. ABC is making lasting changes in my body.

Kay K. — Fitchburg, WI

Low Back Pain & Hip Pain

jamesFAfter 8 visits I feel better than I have in years. My lower back and hips used to hurt constantly and now even the bad days are better.

James F. – N. Freedom, WI

Marathons, Heavy Legs & Tight Legs

Since starting treatment with you, I feel like I did fifteen years ago. In May, my legs felt heavy and lethargic, and running had become a chore rather than the joy it once was. Thanks to you, I’ve had an injury free summer, my legs feel light and loose, and my times have plummeted. After just three months, my half-marathon time improved by more than 11 minutes and seemed effortless. In a race I did in 2008 and this year, my bike speed increased by more than 2 mph and my finishing time improved by 11 minutes. Best of all my overall placement improved by 77 spots! The combination of your diagnosis, consistent treatments, and the ability to train without the usual days off for fatigue and injury has made me a new athlete at 45. I can’t thank, or recommend, you enough. You’ve changed my life!

Martin R. – Sun Prarie, WI



Pressure in head & Back Pain

Dr. Aberle has given me my life back. For years I was bothered with back problems that escalated to pressure in the head and ringing in the ears. I have been coming to Dr. Aberle for one year and four months. I do not have the pressure in my head anymore. Seldom do I have back pain. Thank you Dr. Aberle!!!

Diane S. – Sun Prarie, WI

Golfers: Maintain your distance and accuracy with a fluid golf swing.

mikeWIf you had a fluid golf swing, enjoyed hitting the ball a country mile with no effort and lost it over the years to age, you should consider working with Jeff and “unwinding”!
Before I started working with Jeff (63) my swing arc had diminished greatly, it was difficult to control my follow through and I was unable to maintain my energy and swing consistency for more than 10 holes. The 11th – 18th holes would be a struggle as I was unable to maintain any kind of rhythm and where the ball ended up after hitting it was to say the least, a crap shoot.
After 6 months of weekly treatments, my flexibility, range of motion and consistency has improved dramatically. I am hitting the ball further now than when I was in my 30’s, I do not get tired and I can maintain my fluid swing for 18 or 27 holes without any degradation.
Now I have to work on my short game and putting…..
Sorry…. Jeff cannot help me with that, but I’m sure glad I started to work with him… I know he can help you….

Mike W. – Watertown, WI

Headaches & Hip Pain

angieaDuring college, I worked part-time in a chiropractic office. I was able to learn first-hand about chiropractic care and started to get adjustments. My complaint was headaches. As I moved to various cities, I found new chiropractors for treatment. The chiropractors would adjust me and I would feel better for a period of time and would eventually need to schedule another appointment.

I found that sitting was uncomfortable 95% of the time and would cause a headache if I sat too long in an uncomfortable position. Standing or walking was more comfortable to me, but at some point, I would need to give my feet a rest. I always returned to the chiropractic office to get an adjustment as I could not get out of this pattern.

Then, I fell one day near the end of winter as the snow was melting yet still freezing at night. I was getting adjustments in response to my fall. My main complaint after the fall was hip pain. After several months, I was not seeing any improvement. I decided to try another chiropractic technique. I chose Dr. Aberle. After seeing Dr. Aberle, I have noticed a difference in my body. After the first visit, I no longer had the hip pain from my fall. After a couple more visits I started noticing that I was able to sit in chairs that had previously caused a headache. I even noticed subtle changes in how I prefer to lie down.

These changes are encouraging. I feel there is hope in making a change from the pattern I was stuck in. I now believe I will be able to correct the compensations I have been living with and I look forward to this journey with Aberle Chiropractic Clinic.

Angie A. – Middleton, WI

Low Back Pain and Energy

Dr. Aberle’s practice has had profound effects on my quality of life. He is a knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor using the ABC method. I’m an active 44 year old male professional. I went in with acute and intense lower back pain expecting traditional chiropractic care and instead I got exceptional care! I’ve learned a lot about how my body works. I marvel at the simplicity and effectiveness of the treatments. The appointments are short. The results are amazing and not restricted to just relieving back pain (I am free of the back pain). I have an example to tell you about. I went in for my appointment feeling so tired I could have fallen asleep in the waiting room chair. After one of the adjustments, I was crystal clear and wide awake! I was so surprised by this! I would never have believed it if someone had told me. Dr. Aberle explained how the adjustment provided this result. I’m very pleased with the results I’m getting and highly recommend Aberle Chiropractic!

Michael F. – Madison, WI



Fast Relief

Dr. Aberle is amazing! He is friendly, and very knowledgeable. He has helped fix my back in very little time, offering good turn around for healing, and even initial relief of pain. I have recommended him to several friends, and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Scott B. – Janesville, WI

You saved my Vacation!

Was preparing for our Vacation to Florida, and threw my back out just bending over to pickup an empty suit case! Called Dr. Aberle the next day when I realized that I had shortness of breath. It was a Thursday, which was usually his day off… Dr. Aberle met me at his office and provided treatment, but was not satisfied with the initial results. He asked for me to come back in two hours (I worked very close to his office so this was why He suggested this). Upon my return He was able to provide a treatment that was to his satisfaction, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, ON HIS DAY OFF! The next day I had some tenderness, but my mobility was back. By Saturday, the tenderness was also gone. I Will definitely call him the next time I need assistance, but will make sure it’s not on his day off! Thank you so much Dr. Aberle! You saved my Vacation!

Great Changes

I used to take about 4-12 Advils a day just to get through my regular back pain and dealing with sitting at a desk. 2 years later I can’t remember the last time I had to use pain meds to get through the day, the reason, Aberle Chiropractic. I had poor posture, sat slouching at a desk all day, couldn’t get enough energy together to go for a walk because I was just too sore. It changed my life and for someone in their mid-30’s I shouldn’t have had to deal with it as long as I did. I unwinded (trust me you know when it happens) and started standing straight and tall, so thankful I made the decision and now with some monthly visits I feel like a different person. Take two months, go once or twice a week and you’ll notice the change.