The Treatment for Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Hip Pain

I can usually completely solve Iliotibial Band Syndrom (ITB) and hip pain at the front, side and back part of the hip down to the knee using Laser Therapy.

This is unheard of with stretching, rolling or exercise. Have you ever tried stretching your ITB and Tensor Fascia Lata Muscle? You kind of can, but it doesn't work. Rolling gets a lot of pressure to massage the muscles, but doesn't last.

Why do I have so much confidence that I can solve the pain in these areas and loosen up your hip and thigh more than what you thought was possible?

It's because I've done it so many times consistently. Not in one visit, but over the course of several visits patients feel the improvement each time and realize it's solvable whether you're a professional athlete or work in an office.

When you get the treatment, it will usually go like this: You get ten minutes of lasering on your painful hip/leg. I then have you walk around for a minute and evaluate. What almost everyone says is they feel looser. Then I do another ten or twenty minutes and people are very surprised and happy.

The next question people ask is, "Does it last?"

The answer is yes, but here's what usually happens. You get treated and feel quite a bit better even with your first treatment. Then over a day or two over 50% of people feel even better. But then some of your pain might come back. But you're going to get treated again to further loosen the tight muscles.

Understand I only have to release your muscles a little to give you a whole bunch of relief. But you'll think I've completely loosened it because your pain is improved or even gone. But you're not completely loose yet. The point is, people improve and their symptoms of pain and tightness resolve. How many visits will it take? It's impossible to say until after you've been treated a few times and we see how fast you change. But one visit is all I need to prove to people that Laser Therapy is the most underutilized and unknown yet incredible therapy on planet earth that no one has heard of much less tried.